What would happen if your vehicle was declared a total loss?

In the event that you are amongst the unfortunate people in the UK whose vehicles are involved in accidents, stolen or destroyed by fire or flood and declared a total loss, what would you expect from your insurer?

Under the circumstances above your motor insurer is most likely to pay you the market value at the time of loss, not what you originally paid for your vehicle. This would leave you with a shortfall between the market value and the original purchase price.

By taking advantage of Asset Protection Insurance, you cover the shortfall.

Are You Eligible?

You are eligible for Return to Invoice Asset Protection Insurance if:

You are the registered keeper of the insured vehicle

Your insured vehicle is covered by a Fully Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy

The term of the Finance Agreement (if on finance) on the insured vehicle is less or equal to 60 months

How Total Loss Cover Works

If your insured vehicle is declared a total loss by your motor insurer, GAP can pay:

Return to Invoice Insurance

We will Pay the difference between the greater of Glass's Guide retail transacted value or the motor insurer settlement (insured Value) and the net invoice selling price or finance settlement (if on finance), up to a maximum benefit.

GAP Insurance